About us

Who we are

We are a company specialized in holistic health programs that aims to motivate and teach people to transform their lives for the benefit of their health. We understand holistic health as the comprehensive assessment of human well-being from physical, emotional, social, and spiritual perspectives.


Holistic Health

Emotional Health

We understand the importance of caring for our emotions to achieve optimal well-being

Conscious Nutrition

Nutrition plays a fundamental role in our health. Eating habits can impact us both physically and emotionally

Vibrational Energy

Each person emits a unique vibrational energy that can influence their well-being.

What Customer Say

“Renace changed my life. Their holistic approach taught me that success in health requires constant effort. Thank you for inspiring me to reach what truly matters.”

Daniel Roosy

“Renace propelled me towards health success. Their motto of doing what others aren’t willing to do challenged me to surpass my limits. Thanks for helping me achieve unimaginable goals.”

Sarah Green

“Renace offers an exceptional and challenging program. Thanks to them, I adopted habits that once seemed impossible. I recommend Renace to anyone ready to take control of their well-being.”

Rose Johnson
House wife

Luis Chang


Peruvian-born pharmaceutical chemist with a background in natural medicine. Studied in Peru and the USA. Founded Farmanatura, a vitamin and supplement dispensary, and developed the brand Famracéutica Botánica e Investigación. Certified in natural medicine from Trinity College of Natural Health, emphasizing holistic therapies. Committed to enhancing health through emotional well-being, nutrition, and lifestyle improvements.