About Us

Renace is a holistic health program that aims to motivate and teach people to transform their lives for the benefit of their health, understanding holistic health as the assessment of human health from a comprehensive physical, emotional, social, and spiritual perspective

  • Comprehensive Approach
  • Innate Healing Powers
  • Team-Based Healing
  • Root Cause Focus
  • Balancing Life
  • Integration of Conventional and Alternative Therapies

Our Principles

Integral Approach

View humans holistically, recognizing the interconnectedness of emotions, habits, and energy, all contributing to overall well-being.

Holistic Treatment

Address illness by identifying and addressing root causes, aiming for sustained and comprehensive recovery.

Our Objectives

Family-Centered Care

Provide holistic health services for all family members, irrespective of age, promoting natural well-being.

Health Promotion

Encourage proactive, natural approaches to health, helping individuals lead fuller lives.

“Renace pushed me to achieve health success by challenging my limits.”
Lisa Martines
“Renace changed my life. Their holistic approach taught me the value of consistent effort in health.”
John Carter
“Renace’s program helped me adopt habits I once thought impossible.”
Mike Nelson

Luis Chang


Peruvian-born pharmaceutical chemist with a background in natural medicine. Studied in Peru and the USA. Founded Farmanatura, a vitamin and supplement dispensary, and developed the brand Famracéutica Botánica e Investigación. Certified in natural medicine from Trinity College of Natural Health, emphasizing holistic therapies. Committed to enhancing health through emotional well-being, nutrition, and lifestyle improvements.